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Trustee Information and Query Report

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A wealth of information regarding Superfund sites and EPA's Superfund Program is available on the Internet. The Superfund Homepage provides detailed information regarding the Superfund Program, how it is implemented, and the Program's recent accomplishments. Click on the following links to obtain information on EPA's process for conducting investigations at Superfund sites:

Very detailed site-specific information is also available for NPL sites and removal sites. From EPA's Site Information web page, you can view or download information about the nation's hazardous waste sites. A dynamic site information query function allows you to design your own search of site information according to a number of criteria. For example, site narrative information such as site listing narratives, NPL fact sheets, and site decision abstracts from Records of Decisions (RODs) can be obtained. Searches can be conducted and information obtained using site identifiers, geographic information, site assessment and cleanup activities, contaminants of concern, and contaminated media.

The Site Information web page is divided into the following three parts:

Site Information Query

  • Locate Superfund Sites - This page allows you to identify the NPL site(s) in your area of interest by clicking on a map of the U.S.
  • Advanced Query Form - This function allows you to select information from a number of different categories, submit your query search, and retrieve hazardous waste site information that matches your criteria. You can perform either a Basic or an Advanced Query.
  • Superfund Products - This allows you to view or download pre-compiled data and text reports from Superfund hazardous waste databases.

Information regarding accomplishments that have occurred at Superfund sites during the most recent quarter of the fiscal year can be obtained by clicking on the following link:

Trustee Report

  • Trustee Query Report. This query interface is designed to allow Trustees to identify sites where accomplishments have occurred during the most recent quarter and retrieve specific data (e.g., completion dates) regarding those accomplishments.

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