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Partnership with Academy of Model Aeronautics

Flying Field Fact Sheets
Photo of model airplanes at FMC field.

On February 10, 2005, the Academy of Model Aeronautics and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency created a partnership to support the reuse of Superfund sites as flying fields. The basic premise of this partnership is that the reuse of these sites will benefit all stakeholders. For example:

  • The Academy's member clubs will help provide stewardship activities, such as mowing and maintaining the landscape surfaces and fences on the parts of Superfund sites that the Academy is using to help protect remedies in place at the site.
  • EPA will work with interested AMA clubs to determine whether remedies in place at sites can support aeromodeling activities to help secure new flying fields for AMA club members.
  • Communities will benefit from having new recreational opportunities and less idle land.

Since the partnership was formed, a number of sites have been identified as models for how to transform an NPL site into a flying field, and several new fields have come into being as a result of the partnership. Many of these sites have become Return to Use demonstration projects.

Auburn Road Landfill (PDF) (2 pp, 276K, About PDF)
Taylor Road Landfill (PDF) (2 pp, 371K, About PDF)
FMC Corporation (PDF) (2 pp, 238K, About PDF)

For more information about the partnership, see Questions and Answers (PDF) (2 pp, 40K, About PDF). For more information about the Academy of Model Aeronautics, visit the Academy's Web site Exit EPA Disclaimer, or contact Tony Stillman, Flying Sites Coordinator for the Academy of Model Aeronautics, at (912) 242-2407 or FSAC@modelaircraft.org.