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Green Infrastructure: Thinking Regionally

Superfund Redevelopment:
Innovation in Action
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At the Lower Darby Creek Superfund site in Pennsylvania, stakeholders are working together on a regional greenway within the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

As Superfund communities plan for redevelopment, many are incorporating innovative green infrastructure projects to naturally manage stormwater, provide trails and open space, and create wildlife habitat. In fact, the majority of SRI community support projects include elements of green infrastructure as part of Superfund site reuse plans.
Green infrastructure performs many of the same functions as traditionally built infrastructure, often at a fraction of the cost. Additionally, these resources enhance community quality of life, providing clean water, agricultural soils and public parks and trails. Successful projects have demonstrated that an interconnected landscape system also provides a unique sense of place that attracts people, jobs and investment.

Green infrastructure planning at Superfund sites can look beyond site boundaries to improve or restore connections to natural resources, public parks and trails, while also incorporating on-site elements such as working with nature to manage stormwater through pervious paving and planting trees and shrubs along a creek edge.

Additional Resources

  • Green Infrastructure Programs: EPA resources providing general information, tools, case studies, funding and technical assistance.
  • The Green Infrastructure Community of Practice: Exit EPA Disclaimer A collaborative network of organizations and agencies actively involved in green infrastructure approaches to strategic conservation.
  • Low Impact Development: Resources and guidance for low impact land development and redevelopment that work with nature to manage stormwater close to its natural source.
  • Green Space Reuse Examples: Many examples of Superfund sites in reuse that incorporate green infrastructure elements of green infrastructure.

Green Infrastructure Reuse Examples

For additional examples, see the continued ecological use and new ecological reuse site examples listed on the Green Space Reuse Type Page.