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Key Redevelopment Activities

Superfund Reuse Success Stories

For Reuse Success Stories click on the pictures below.

Photo - Netscape Communication's newest campus

Fairchild Semiconductor - Mountain View, CA

Photo - The New Port of Seattle

Pacific Sound Resources - Seattle, WA

Photo - The William Lehman Operations and Maintenance Center

Miami Drum Services - Miami, FL

EPA has recognized that as part of its mission to protect human health and the environment, it will continue to refine and expand its efforts to make its cleanup activities consistent with community goals to reuse these sites. To help local communities return contaminated Superfund sites to productive uses, Superfund Redevelopment has, over the past decade, undertaken a wide array of activities, partnerships, and initiatives, including:

The Return to Use (RTU) Initiative

EPA developed the Return to Use (RTU) Initiative in late 2004 as part of the Superfund Redevelopment Initiative (SRI). The RTU Initiative is designed to remove barriers to appropriate reuse at Superfund sites where cleanup has been completed. Barriers to appropriate reuse include:

  • lack of understandable information about the site
  • stigma of being a Superfund site
  • liability concerns
  • understanding what uses might be appropriate for the site.
More information on the RTU Initiative

Redevelopment Partnerships

Since 1999, the SRI has helped communities return some of the nation’s worst hazardous waste sites to safe and productive uses. In addition to supporting EPA’s cleanup of these Superfund sites and making them protective of human health and the environment, SRI is working with communities, other stakeholders and potential partners in:

  • Considering future use opportunities.
  • Integrating appropriate reuse considerations into the cleanup process.
  • Working to ensure the long-term stewardship of site remedies.
  • Promoting site reuse.

Working to align resources with needs is a critical factor in the reuse and revitalization of Superfund sites. Government agencies, private sector businesses, non-profits and other organizations can offer a wide range of resources, tools and alliances to assist stakeholders who are interested in returning a Superfund site to safe and beneficial use. Learn more ...

Measuring Progress

While the Agency's primary objective is to protect human health and the environment, cleaning up sites has, in many cases, generated positive reuse outcomes and impacts. As a means to assess these reuse outcomes, EPA has developed a series of measures to manage and track the performance of previous and ongoing redevelopment work. Learn More...

Community Support

SRI works closely with EPA’s ten regions to identify Superfund sites that can benefit from reuse-related engagement and assistance. At these sites, SRI provides initial investments that help move sites toward reuse. As reuse efforts gain momentum, communities leverage these investments – local governments, organizations and other site stakeholders sustain redevelopment opportunities with additional public and private-sector resources. Learn More...