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Opportunities for Organizations

Site photo

The local Academy of Model Aeronautics flying club putting the Aurburn Road site to use in Londonderry, New Hampshire.

Site photo

The local high school football team practicing on their new field on the California Gulch Superfund site in Leadville, Colorado.

Site photo

A playground, one of the many recreational amenities, located on the H.O.D. Landfill in Antioch, Illinois.

Collaborating with organizations helps SRI provide appropriate tools and resources to help implement reuse visions and plans with mutually beneficial outcomes.

Many Superfund sites have advantageous and desirable locations for any number of uses. Superfund sites across the country have been transformed into major shopping centers, business parks, residential subdivisions and recreational facilities. Some federal, state and local government agencies offer grants, loans and tax incentives to encourage the development and revitalization of contaminated and formerly contaminated properties and surrounding areas.

EPA supports a wide range of uses, and does not endorse any one use or organization over another. Organizations interested in supporting the reuse of Superfund sites can learn more about how to connect with interested communities by reading the Superfund Redevelopment Initiative Partnership Framework (PDF). (2 pp, 69K, About PDF)

The active reuse of these sites also provides benefits to EPA. These benefits include the long-term stewardship of the site, implementation and enforcement of institutional controls to ensure safe and appropriate land use, maintenance of the site property and many others.

Through close collaboration, EPA and non-governmental organizations are able to achieve mutually beneficial reuse of Superfund sites.