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Redevelopment Partnerships

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Across the United States, communities, government agencies, private sector companies, non-profits and other organizations are working to transform their Superfund sites into valuable local assets. Integrating reuse into the cleanup process helps to:

  • Inform cleanup decisions at a site to ensure a remedy matches the intended end use of the property.
  • Protect remedies in the long term through stewardship and maintenance of the property and implementation of appropriate institutional controls.
  • Open the door for local economic revitalization by attracting businesses, jobs and clientele to the area.
  • Provide important social benefits such as ecological and recreational resources and community-gathering spaces.

SRI is committed to helping communities by sharing examples of how communities and stakeholders have obtained the resources necessary to help them achieve their site reuse goals. This website provides information about resources, tools and opportunities that stakeholders can access through SRI and collaborating programs:

  • Opportunities for Communities – Discover what resources are available to help communities reclaim Superfund sites for beneficial use and explore the experience of those communities in reusing Superfund sites.
  • Opportunities for Organizations – Learn about organizations that have worked with EPA to promote mutually beneficial reuse outcomes and how their experiences might apply to other sites.
  • Opportunities for the Private Sector – Explore how private sector companies can play a pivotal role in Superfund site redevelopment and the lessons learned at a number of Superfund sites.
  • Success Stories – Read case studies and view videos describing how EPA has worked with communities and other organizations to promote reuse.
  • Presentations – View presentations made by SRI and other key groups and organizations that describe how they worked together to achieve reuse.