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Redevelopment Economics Impacts

Firestation at Abex

Abex Corp. Superfund site - Portsmouth, Virginia

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National Impacts

Innovative business owners and organizations are reusing Superfund sites for a variety of purposes that provide much needed jobs and incomes for communities. The table below presents a national economic impact estimate of 450 sites where on-site businesses are providing local jobs. The 450 sites are Superfund sites for which available economic data has been collected, and represent only a percentage of all sites in reuse.

Estimate of National Economic Impacts ¹
Number of Sites in
Reuse for which
Economic Data has
been Collected
Number of
Annual Sales Jobs Annual
Employment Income
450 3,474 $65.1 billion 89,646 $6.0 billion

1. See the Appendix for Estimate of National Economic Impacts

Readily available internet and database sources are utilized to create estimates of national totals related to the economic impact of Superfund sites in reuse. Without more extensive research it is not always possible to identify all business names and addresses on site.

Jobs are not the only way communities benefit when Superfund sites are cleaned up. The report What Does the Evidence Say About NPL Listing and Home Prices? Challenges in Applying Property Value Studies to Assess the Benefits of the Superfund Program provides an overview of how cleaning up sites may benefit home prices.

Regional Economic Impacts

SRI has developed regional economic reports that tell a story about the role of Superfund in each EPA region and the economic impacts of reusing formerly contaminated properties. These reports summarize and synthesize economic data collected for Superfund sites within an EPA region. They also highlight successes and put them in the context of aggregated data within the state and EPA region.

Local Impacts

A local impact case study gathers more complete information related to reuse, employment and other economic impacts. While national impact estimates may underestimate jobs, a local impact case study can obtain detailed information about economic benefits for every company present on the site, in addition to unique economic benefits provided by particular uses, such as alternative energy.

Each local impact case study includes a technical appendix that provides an overview of the approaches, assumptions and methodologies used to obtain estimates on local economic benefits.





Archived Reuse Economic Case Studies