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Superfund Redevelopment Initiative

Superfund Reuse Success
Before and After
Site Photo

Site: Bangor Gas Works
Location: Bangor, ME
Former Site Use: Coal gasification plant
Current Site Use: Supermarket and community park

Highlighting Superfund Reuse Success
Site photo

Site Reuse Spotlights:
Historic Preservation of the Tar Creek (Ottawa County) Superfund Site by the Quapaw Tribe of Oklahoma (PDF) (1 pg, 673K, About PDF)

The Quapaw Tribe of Oklahoma leads cleanup efforts at the Tar Creek (Ottawa County) Superfund site, while preserving historically significant structures.

Site photo

Reuse of the York County Solid Waste Landfill Site Provides Recreational Facilities and Green Space (PDF) (1 pg, 162K)

Hopewell Township and the local solid waste authority have successfully incorporated a former landfill at the York County Solid Waste Landfill Superfund site into a recreational park and wildlife area.

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state award recipients 2015

EPA's Robin Richardson with 2015 Excellence in State Engagement Supporting Reuse Award recipients Leo Henning (KDHE), Trey Hess (MDEQ) and Sandeep Burman (MPCA).

  • EPA recognizes Kansas Department of Environmental Health and Environment, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency and Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality with 2015 Excellence in State Engagement Supporting Reuse Awards.
  • On July 28, 2015, SRI will host Green Infrastructure: Reusing Contaminated Sites and Promoting Sustainable Communities-- the fourth webinar in SRI's 2015 Quarterly Webinar Series. Registration is free and open to the public
  • The Northern Birmingham Community Coalition completed the Northern Birmingham Revitalization Action Plan (PDF) (36 pp, 7.5MB) in January 2015. U.S. EPA sponsored the formation of the Coalition to plan for the future of the communities of northern Birmingham, which face many economic, environmental and social challenges. The Coalition seeks to bring together residents, community representatives and government agencies to address issues of environmental cleanup, enforcement and community investment. Together, they have forged a shared vision and are working to create positive community change through implementation of this Action Plan.

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