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Superfund Long-Term Site Management

At the Alpha Chemical Corp. site, the Alpha Chemical Corp. continues to operate a resin manufacturing facility on the site after cleaning two contaminated disposal ponds and monitoring contaminated ground water.

Policy and guidance that characterizes how Superfund ensures that site cleanups and response actions provide for the long-term protection of human health and the environment at Superfund sites.

  • Institutional Controls
    Also referred to as "land use controls," institutional controls are legal measures that limit human exposure by restricting activity, use, and access to sites and properties with residual contamination. Examples include deed restrictions, easements, public advisories, and zoning restrictions.

  • Post Construction Completion
    Post Construction Completion activities typically encompasses several activities that may be undertaken at a site following the construction of a remedy. Activities can include: operations and maintenance (O&M), Five-year reviews, remedy optimizing, and deleting sites from the NPL.

  • Long Term Stewardship (PDF) (67 pp, 1.1MB, About PDF)
    Long-term stewardship (LTS) applies to sites and properties where long-term management of contaminated environmental media is necessary to protect human health and the environment over time. This report addresses a variety of challenges facing EPA and its partners responsible for ensuring LTS at formerly impaired properties.

  • Sustainable Redevelopment of Formerly Impaired Properties
    EPA's programs and partners are protecting human health and the environment by promoting sustainable redevelopment through enforcement policies, and through encouraging and facilitating the use of green building and green space designs in the redevelopment and reuse of Superfund sites.