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Ready for Reuse (RfR) Determinations

A Ready for Reuse (RfR) determination is a redevelopment tool that EPA has created to provide information that a site is “ready for reuse” and will remain protective for that use, so long as any use limitations established by EPA continue to be met. An RfR Determination provides potential users of formerly contaminated sites with an environmental status report that documents a technical determination by EPA that all or a portion of a property at a site can support specified types of uses while remaining protective of human health and the environment.

Use of RfR Determinations has proven to be valuable for dealing with issues of Superfund site stigma and helping to eliminate confusion over what future uses are appropriate at a site. In addition, developing an RfR Determination presents an opportunity not only to reaffirm the institutional controls (ICs) selected in a site’s decision documents, but also the potential to create an additional layer of IC protection. For more information about Ready for Reuse Determinations: