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Ready for Reuse (RfR) Determination Guidance

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On February 18, 2004, EPA issued its new Guidance for Preparing Superfund Ready for Reuse Determinations at Superfund sites. Following extensive review by EPA Headquarters and Regional offices, and after considering comments by outside parties, the Guidance was issued jointly by the Office of Superfund Remediation and Technology Innovation and the Office of Site Remediation Enforcement.

A Ready for Reuse (RfR) determination is a new type of document the Agency created to provide potential users of Superfund sites with an environmental status report that documents a technical determination by EPA, in consultation with States, Tribes, and local governments, that all or a portion of a real estate property at a site can support specified types of uses and remain protective of human health and the environment. With this new Guidance, EPA provides Headquarters and Regional staff with the information needed to make and document these determinations, and thus takes a major step forward in its effort to facilitate the reuse of Superfund sites.

Before EPA created the RfR determination, potential users often had to seek out information about a site's environmental condition from many different sources, and the information that was available was often expressed in terms difficult for the marketplace to interpret. This meant that many sites able to accommodate certain types of uses were needlessly difficult to market. With the creation of the RfR determination, potential users and the real estate marketplace will have an affirmative statement written in plain English and accompanied by supporting decision documentation, that a site identified as ready for reuse will remain protective as long as all required response conditions and use limitations identified in the site's response decision documents and land title documents continue to be met.

Superfund Redevelopment has worked with six EPA Regional offices to issue a total of fifteen RfR Determinations for sites in their Regions.

For questions about a Ready for Reuse determination for a specific site, interested parties should contact that sites' Remedial Project Manager in the appropriate EPA Regional Office. For questions about the implementation of the guidance and EPA's Superfund Redevelopment Program, please contact Melissa Friedland at friedland.melissa@epa.gov or (703) 603-8864. More information: