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Superfund Redevelopment Trainings and Resource Materials

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Photograph of 2009 Brownfields Conference

At the 2009 National Brownfields Conference, Mayor John Stumbo shares how the Fort Valley, Georgia community and local government have been working with the EPA to bring the Woolfolk Chemical Works Superfund site back into beneficial use.

Below are presentations and resource materials from various trainings at which SRI has presented, including the Brownfields Conference, the National Association of Remedial Project Managers (NARPM), SRI’s webinar series.

Brownfields Conference

Successful Reuse at Superfund Sites (PDF) (32 pp, 2.0MB)

Adaptive Management at Superfund Sites (PDF) (52 pp, 2.3MB)

Resource Materials:
SRI Brochure (PDF) (21 pp, 1.4MB)
Academy of Model Aeronautics Success Story: FMC Corporation (PDF) (2 pp, 159K)
Academy of Model Aeronautics Memorandum of Understanding (PDF) (2 pp, 55K)
Himco Dump Reuse Plan (PDF) (61 pp, 911K)
Arlington Blending & Packaging Ready for Reuse Determination (PDF) (23 pp, 580K)

Who’s Afraid of Superfund: Large-Scale Developments at Superfund Sites (PDF) (52 pp, 2.5MB)
Why Local Governments Should Buy Superfund Sites (PDF) (70 pp, 10.7MB)
Top Ten Questions to Ask When Buying a Superfund Site (PDF) (41 pp, 1.0MB)

Resource Materials:
Davie Landfill Reuse Fact Sheet (PDF) (2 pp, 1.9MB)
Top Ten Questions to Ask When Buying a Superfund Site (PDF) (12 pp, 771K)

Moving Beyond: How EPA and Local Governments Work Together to Return Superfund Sites to Beneficial Use (PDF) (30 pp, 2.2MB)

Superfund and Smart Growth - Lessons from the Field: Diverse Opportunities, Innovative Approaches (PDF) (11 pp, 1.1MB)
Palmerton Zinc Superfund Site Palmerton, Pennsylvania: Moonscape to Nature Center (PDF) (23 pp, 7.8MB)

Growing Smarter in Unlikely Places: Supporting a New Legacy for Contaminated Lands (PDF) (15 pp, 2.21MB)
Midvale Slag to Bingham Junction (PDF) (16 pp, 3.4MB)
Woolfolk Chemical Works: “Making Lemonade Out of Lemons” (PDF) (14 pp, 4.55MB)
Presenter Contact Information (PDF) (2 pp, 387K)

Community Involvement Conference

Green Remediation Conference


Superfund Redevelopment (PDF) (77 pp, 586K)

Conducting Reuse Assessments and Considering Reuse Plans (PDF) (39 pp, 140K)

Resource Materials
Reuse Assessments: A Tool to Implement the Superfund Land Use Directive (PDF) (24 pp, 112K)

Jumpstarting Ecological Reuse (PDF) (15 pp, 1.5MB)

Resource Materials
Tools and Resource Packet (PDF) (99 pp, 1.3MB)

Superfund Redevelopment: Reuse Assessment Guidance, Comfort Letters, Ready for Reuse Determinations (PDF) (14 pp, 408K)
Superfund Redevelopment: Reuse Tools and Resources (PDF) (16 pp, 1.0MB)

Working Redevelopment and Reuse Into the Superfund Cleanup Pipeline (PDF) (129 pp, 3.3MB)

Resource Materials:
Guidance for Documenting and Reporting Performance in Achieving Land Revitalization (CPRM, SWRAU Guidance) (PDF) (56 pp, 862K)
Return to Use Fact Sheet for Pepper Steel & Alloys (PDF) (2 pp, 921K)
Prospective Purchaser Inquiry Call Memorandum (PDF) (17 pp, 300K)
Prospective Purchaser Inquiry Call fact sheet (PDF) (4 pp, 187K)
Reuse Assessments: A Tool to Implement The Superfund Land Use Directive (PDF) (24 pp, 164K)
Revitalizing Contaminated Property:  Addressing Liability Concerns (PDF) (102 pp, 2.2MB)
Top Ten Questions to Ask When Buying a Superfund Site (PDF) (12 pp, 771K)

SRI: Ten Years and Counting! (PDF) (144 pp, 7MB)

Superfund Redevelopment Initiative Session Presentations: Top 5 Tools to Jumpstart Reuse at Your Superfund Site
Module 1 - Overview of SRI (PDF) (20 pp, 1.6MB)
Module 2 - Reuse Planning (PDF) (32 pp, 5.4MB)
Module 3 - Ready for Reuse (RfR) Determinations (PDF) (24 pp, 2.5MB)
Module 4 - Reuse Assessments: A Tool to Implement the Land Use Directive (PDF) (30 pp, 3.5MB)
Module 5 - Prospective Purchaser Inquiry Call and Comfort/Status Letter (PDF) (32 pp, 3.8MB)

A Tale of Three Sites Webinar (PDF) (77 pp, 4.1MB)
SRI's Top 5 Tools (PDF) (138 pp, 6.2MB)

Playing and Learning with Superfund: Recreational and Educational Use of Superfund Sites
Introduction to Superfund Reuse (PDF) Exit Disclaimer (22 pp, 1.1MB)
Region 3 Recreational and Educational Highlights (PDF) Exit Disclaimer (40 pp, 2.7MB)
Region 5 Recreational and Educational Highlights (PDF) Exit Disclaimer (33 pp, 1.5MB)
Region 4 Recreational and Educational Highlights (PDF) Exit Disclaimer (26 pp, 1.5MB)
Presenter Contact Information (PDF) Exit Disclaimer (2 pp, 79K)

Supporting Reuse Post-ROD: Why Now?
Superfund Redevelopment Overview (PDF) Exit Disclaimer (45 pp, 1,7MB)
Mountain View Mobile Home Estates Case Study (PDF) Exit Disclaimer (27 pp, 750K)
East Helena Case Study (PDF) Exit Disclaimer (19 pp, 843K)
Waste Inc. Case Study (PDF) Exit Disclaimer (20 pp, 729K)
American Creosote Works Pensacola Case Study (PDF) Exit Disclaimer (30 pp, 1.2MB)
EPA Enforcement Perspectives on Supporting Reuse (PDF) Exit Disclaimer (18 pp, 278K)
Contact Information for SRI (PDF) Exit Disclaimer (2 pp, 172K)

Regional Trainings

Superfund Redevelopment Webinar Series

2009, April
Welcome to the Superfund Redevelopment Webinar Series: An Introduction to the Superfund Redevelopment Initiative (PDF) (31 pp, 1.9MB)

2009, May
Working Reuse and Redevelopment Into the Superfund Cleanup Process (PDF) (53 pp, 1.8MB)

2009, June
Community Based Reuse Planning (PDF) (92 pp, 5.1MB)

2009, July
Calumet Container: Ecological Revitalization and Reuse at a Time-Critical Removal Action Site (PDF) (18 pp, 2MB)

2009, September
Working with Local Governments: Midvale Slag Case Study (PDF) (62 pp, 1.7MB)

2010, May
USEPA Superfund Program Landfill Methane-to-Energy Pilot (PDF) (8 pp, 84K)
Role of Landfill Gas to Energy in Landfill Remediation (PDF) (30 pp, 1.1MB)
South Side Landfill LFG Recovery and Utilization: A Look at the Past with An Eye to the Future (PDF) (17 pp, 1.2MB)

2010, September
Renewable Energy Pre-Feasibility Analysis at Apache Powder Superfund Site

2011, February
Financing Reuse of Contaminated Properties

2011, November
SRI: Reusing Superfund Sites for Recreational Purposes

2012, January
Superfund Redevelopment Initiative Webinar Series: Aligning Remedies with Reuse: From Superfund Sites to Soccer Fields

2012, March
Mayor Perspectives on Exploring the Reuse of Hazardous Waste Sites in Your Community

2012, May
Food for Thought: Gardening on Superfund Sites

2012, August
Recognizing the Positive Economic Impacts of Superfund Reuse

2013, January
Making Superfund Site Reuse A Priority: Why Reuse is Part of Your Job

2013, March
Ecological Revitalization of Contaminated Properties

2013, June
How Enforcement Actions can Support Reuse at Superfund Sites