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In 2014, the Superfund Program implemented a new information system, the Superfund Enterprise Management System (SEMS). Efforts to migrate data to SEMS and to enhance data quality control are now in the final stages. The Program will continue to rely on the final CERCLIS data set (dated November 12, 2013, which reflects official end of Fiscal Year 2013 Program progress) for public reporting until a complete and accurate SEMS data set is available.

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The reports and products offered here contain information on the assessment and remediation of current and archived hazardous waste sites. Please note that some of these reports are in portable document format (PDF). PDF files maintain the look and presentation of the original document and can be viewed across multiple platforms (MAC, PC, UNIX) using Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is available at no cost from Adobe. When downloading any of these reports, remember to use the "Save File" or "Save to Disk" feature on your Web browser.
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The CERCLIS Public Access Database contains a selected set of “non-enforcement confidential” information and is updated by the regions every 90 days. The data describes what has happened at Superfund sites prior to this quarter (updated quarterly). This database includes lists of involved parties (other Federal Agencies, states, and tribes), Human Exposure and Ground Water Migration, and Site Wide Ready for Reuse, Construction Completion, and Final Assessment Decision (GPRA-like measures) for fund lead sites. Other information that is included has been included only as a service to allow public evaluations utilizing this data. Independent Quality Assessments may be made of this data by reviewing the QAPP provided by this link.(PDF 29pp, 124K)

CERCLIS Reports and Data Files

CERCLIS is a database of potential and confirmed hazardous waste sites at which the EPA Superfund program has some involvement. It contains sites that are either proposed to be or are on the National Priorities List (NPL) as well as sites that are in the screening and assessment phase for possible inclusion on the NPL.

Archived Sites Reports and Data Files

The Archive designation means that, to the best of EPA's knowledge, assessment at a site has been completed and that EPA has determined no further steps will be taken to list this site on the National Priorities List (NPL). This decision does not necessarily mean that there is no hazard associated with a given site; it only means that, based upon available information, the location is not judged to be a potential NPL site.

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