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Superfund Quiz

To complete this quiz, print out the page and circle your answers (more than one may be correct). Then check your answers on the next page. Good luck!

  1. What is Superfund?
    A) A Federal program that is in charge of all environmental laws of the United States.
    B) A Federal program that cleans up the nation's worst hazardous waste sites.
    C) A collection of all Federal and state laws that regulate hazardous materials.
    D) A fund made up of Federal tax revenues used to pay for hazardous waste site cleanups.

  2. What is meant by the term "hazardous waste?"
    A) By-products of society that can pose a substantial or potential threat to human health or the environment when improperly managed.
    B) Mercury in a thermometer.
    C) A waste product with one or more of the following characteristics: ignitable (it can catch fire easily), corrosive (it can eat away material), reactive (it reacts violently or harmfully), or toxic (it is poisonous).
    D) What you had for dinner last night.

  3. Who is responsible for cleaning up hazardous waste sites?
    A) The U.S. Environment Protection Agency.
    B) State and local environment agencies.
    C) The U.S. Coast Guard.
    D) Organizations and people responsible for contamination at the sites.
    E) All of the above.

  4. Who pays for the sites to be cleaned up?
    A) Organization and people responsible for contamination at the sites.
    B) EPA through the Superfund trust fund, if responsible parties cannot be identified or cannot perform the cleanup.
    C) The public through a sales tax.
    D) Federal agencies, such as the U.S. Department of Energy, that are responsible for site contamination.

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