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Eligible Surface Water Bodies

Highlight 8-4 of the HRS Guidance Manual shows eligible surface water bodies, as defined by the HRS Rule, Section 4.0.2.

  • Notice that wetlands contiguous to each type of surface water body are considered a surface water body of the same type. Wetlands will also be considered as environmental threat targets. 
  • Rivers (fourth bullet) include perennial ditches. 
  • Intermittent rivers (fifth bullet) count only in arid areas. Consult a NOAA map for mean annual precipitation data, if in doubt. (Graphics link go here / of 20 inches mean annual precipitation.) 
  • Lakes include man-made lakes. 

Classifying the water bodies will be one of your first steps. This will be done while mapping and defining the surface water migration path. Be careful when determining breakpoints between different water body types.

Highlight 8-20 of the HRS Guidance Manual is an example of breakpoints between two confusing surface water body types. Be careful when mapping these breakpoints.

Is a man-made lake an eligible surface water body?

Click here for answer.

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