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Hazard Ranking System Training Course - Table of Contents

Welcome to the HRS Internet Training course! You may begin taking the course, which is designed around a Table of Contents or Homepage. You can return to the course Homepage at any time by clicking on the "Home" button at the bottom of each page. The arrows at the bottom of each page allow you to proceed to the next page in the section. The arrow on the last page of each section leads to the first page of the next section. To facilitate your movement between sections, use the "Jump To" icons (see below) at the bottom of selected pages to get to the first page of sections 1 through 20.

Sections 1-10

Sections 11-20

Section 1: Regulatory Context of the HRS Section 2: Site Assignment Process
Section 3: HRS Structure Section 4: Source Characterization
Section 5: Waste Characteristics Section 6: Liklihood of Release
Section 7: Targets Section 8: GROUND WATER - Aquifers
Section 9: GROUND WATER - Likelihood of Release Section 10: GROUND WATER - Waste Characteristics and Targets
Section 11: SURFACE WATER - Likelihood of Release Section 12: SURFACE WATER - Drinking Water Threat
Section 13: SURFACE WATER - Human Food Chain Threat Section 14: SURFACE WATER - Environmental Threat
Section 15: SURFACE WATER - Ground Water to Surface Water Section 16: AIR - Likelihood of Release
Section 17: AIR - Waste Characteristics and Targets Section 18: SOIL EXPOSURE - Resident Population Threat
Section 19: SOIL EXPOSURE - Nearby Population Threat Section 20: Radionuclides
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