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Opportunities For Small Businesses

Advantages Of Petroleum Brownfield Sites For Small Businesses
Resources For Small Businesses At Petroleum Brownfield Sites
Small Business Success Stories At Petroleum Brownfield Sites


Advantages Of Petroleum Brownfield Sites For Small Businesses

An old, abandoned property contaminated by petroleum can be an excellent site for a new small business. Abandoned gas station sites often have traits that can make them excellent locations for a small business, including:

In addition, many state and local areas have created incentives to foster the cleanup and reuse of these sites, including tax advantages or financial incentives.

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Resources For Small Businesses At Petroleum Brownfield Sites

For a basic introduction to the cleanup and reuse of petroleum brownfield sites and the resources available, see:

Toolbox For Cleanup And Redevelopment Of Contaminated Sites In Small Cities And Rural Communities (PDF) Exit EPA Disclaimer (29 pp, 3.9MB, About PDF)
Association of State and Territorial Solid Waste Management Officials (ASTSWMO). 2007.

Funding Opportunities: A Directory Of Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy, And Environmental Protection Assistance Programs (PDF) Exit EPA Disclaimer (59 pp, 890K, About PDF)
EPA State And Local Capacity Building Branch. 2004.
Beginning on page 10, includes information on federal and state assistance programs and private foundations.

The petroleum brownfield process varies by state. For petroleum brownfields, the state regulatory authority or state brownfields program is often the first place to seek information and assistance. Most states maintain websites with this information.

The U.S. Small Business Administration Exit EPA Disclaimer provides a wealth of information and assistance for small businesses.

The EPA Brownfields Program awards assessment and cleanup grants for brownfield sites.

Financial Resources
This page contains information on financing brownfields revitalization projects, including links to national and state-specific resources and to both private and public sources of information.

Identifying Petroleum Sites
This page discusses how to find petroleum brownfield sites, including links to inventories of sites.

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Small Business Success Stories At Petroleum Brownfield Sites

This section provides examples of small businesses that have successfully cleaned up and reused petroleum brownfield sites. The fact sheets and case studies described show a wide array of reuse options for these sites.


Bridgeport, CT
Industrial Park: Blighted Neighborhood Makeover: Revamping Industry in the City of Bridgeport (PDF) (1 pg, 102K, About PDF)
EPA-560-F-06-230.   August 2006.

Hartford, CT
Shopping Center: A Decade-Long Dream Becomes Reality in Hartford (PDF) (1 pg, 90K, About PDF)
EPA-560-F-06-241.  August 2006.

Manchester, CT
Heating / Air Conditioning Service: ActionAir Systems: Success in EPA Conducted Targeted Brownfields Assessments

New Britain, CT
Organic Farm: Urban Oaks Organic Farm

Stamford, CT
Motorcycle Dealership: Harley Davidson / Buell Dealership of Stamford


Various Businesses: Florida's Brownfields Redevelopment Program (PDF) Exit EPA Disclaimer (52 pp, 3.4MB, About PDF)


Various Businesses: Brownfields Redevelopment Success in Kansas (PDF) Exit EPA Disclaimer (75 pp, 3.0MB, About PDF)
(see page 51 and beyond)


Lake Charles, LA
Business Center: Charpentier Historic District (PDF) (1 pg, 125K, About PDF)


Old Town, ME
Commercial, Retail Space: Lily-Tulip Factory
Old Town's New Look: Along the Waterfront, an Abandoned Manufacturing Site Joins Two City Parks (PDF) (3 pp, 340K, About PDF)
EPA 500-F-98-270. November 1998.


New Bedford, MA
Specialty Produce and Food: Sid Wainer & Son Co. Greenhouse

Northhampton, MA
Restaurant: Old Northampton Fire Station

Westfield, MA
Supermarket: Former H.B. Smith Property


Various Businesses: Redeveloped USTfield State Funded Cleanup Sites Exit EPA Disclaimer


Various Businesses: Brownfields Success Stories Exit EPA Disclaimer

St. Louis Park, MN
Business Center: Region 5 Brownfields Success Stories
(scroll down to third profile)

New Jersey

Trenton, NJ
Light Manufacturing: Old Pottery Factory Site Gives Way to New Development in Trenton (PDF) (2 pp, 133K, About PDF)
EPA 500-F-01-227.  June 2001.

New Hampshire

Nashua, NH
Bicycle Dealership: Former Whitney Screw Property

New York

Buffalo, NY
Light Manufacturing and Distribution: New Life Breathed into Former Industrial Property (PDF) (1 pg, 102K, About PDF)
EPA-560-F-08-317.  November 2008.


Greenville, TX
Grocery Store: Greenville Grocery Store (PDF) (1 pg, 168K, About PDF)


Bellow Falls, VT
Restaurant and Auction House: Boccelli's Cafe & Auction House (PDF) (1 pg, 798K, About PDF)


Abingdon, VA
Pharmacy: Closure of Oil Storage Plant in Abingdon, Virginia Leads to Opening of Walgreens

Arlington, VA
Retail Space: Prime D.C. Suburban Property Back on the Map


Various Businesses: Remediation & Redevelopment Program Success Stories Exit EPA Disclaimer


To learn more about petroleum brownfields, see:
Basic Information On Petroleum Brownfields
Financial Resources
Public/Private Partnerships
Success Stories, Lessons Learned, And Best Practices

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