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Community Air Assessment and Risk Reduction Strategies

Many government agencies and community organizations are interested in air toxics tools that would be available to help them better understand and reduce air toxics in their local areas. Both citizens and science professionals are needed in developing effective locally based programs that address air toxics. EPA is currently developing several guidance books that will provide information. EPA will add materials to this webpage, as they become available, for use by Federal, State, local and tribal air pollution control agencies to help share information and tools for use in designing and implementing local air toxics assessments and risk reduction projects.

The information available to date is organized as a NOTEBOOK consisting of materials first presented in November 2001 at the National Training Workshop on Local Urban Air Toxics Assessment and Risk Reduction Strategies. The workshop, sponsored by EPA and the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR), brought together Federal, State, local and tribal government specialist in areas such as health and environmental effect; emission inventories; modeling; monitoring; and stationary, mobile and indoor air emission source controls. Participants also included a number of people involved in developing and building local community-based programs. The NOTEBOOK not only records the workshop information, but also provides a reference for anyone interested in either general information or how-to-do-it tools concerning local air toxics assessment and risk reduction. See NOTEBOOK.

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