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Waste Management in Indian Country

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Basic Information
EPA’s Tribal Solid Waste Management Program encourages municipal solid waste and hazardous waste management practices in Indian Country that are protective of human health and the environment. The information on this page provides a more in-depth look at our waste management program.

Where You Live
EPA tribal program contacts provide useful, up-to-date information about building waste management capacity, developing tribal infrastructure, realizing economic sustainability for tribal waste programs, and forging partnerships for waste management among tribes, states, local governments, and federal agencies.

To be successful, every solid waste management program needs funding. Unfortunately, especially in an era of tightening budgets, it may be difficult to find the needed resources. Remoteness, small community size, and lack of resources make this situation even more acute in Indian Country. The information on this page may help you locate the funding you need.

Education can clarify the importance of good solid waste management to community members and to your tribal leadership, ensuring that your solid waste program will be supported as a high priority.

Case Studies
The experience of other tribes, villages, and tribal consortia that have successful programs already in place or on the way is a valuable resource for tribes and Alaska native villages developing solid waste management programs. Officials of such organizations are often willing to share their expertise with others who are attempting similar programs. This page includes case studies from selected tribes.

Because of the unique challenges facing tribal waste managers, we have developed resource guides featuring in-depth information specific to Indian Country. Highlights include the Tribal Decisionmaker’s Guide to Solid Waste Management and the Tribal Waste Journal.

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This is a list of direct links to web sites that contain resources on a variety of waste management topics.

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