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Welcome to RCRA Training at Your Desktop!

This website consolidates Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA)-related online courses, seminars, webinars, podcasts, and videos that are posted throughout the Wastes website. Both introductory and more advanced courses are included for federal and state regulators, the regulated community, organizations, associations, and even consumers who are interested in environmental laws and regulations and their implementation. A short description of each item can help you decide whether the entry is what you are looking for:

General RCRA

RCRA Orientation Manual
Provides introductory information on the solid and hazardous waste management programs under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA). Designed for EPA and state staff, members of the regulated community, and the general public who wish to better understand RCRA.

RCRA Training Modules
An archive of training modules that provide an overview of a specific regulatory topic. These modules will not be updated but are useful resources for people wishing to gain a general understanding of RCRA. They are not intended to serve as comprehensive sources of regulatory information.

Specialized RCRA

Corrective Action

Corrective Action 101
Provides an overview of what the RCRA Corrective Action Program is all about and the reforms that EPA is pursuing to accelerate the cleanup of hazardous waste facilities regulated under RCRA.

The National RCRA Corrective Action Training Curriculum
Provides training for new and experienced federal and state Corrective Action (CA) project managers. The training can help equip CA project managers with the knowledge and skills needed to achieve the 2008 Government Performance Results Act (GPRA) goals, as well as the 2020 RCRA Vision goals, for corrective action.

RCRA Corrective Action Workshop on Results-Based Project Management
This workshop was conducted in all ten EPA Regions and the State of Florida for federal and state staff in 1999. Although there have not been additional workshops, this website contains important information and useful resources.

Handbook of Groundwater Protection and Cleanup Policies for RCRA Corrective Action
This seminar, first presented on December 5, 2001, provides an overview of the Handbook that contains EPA’s latest interpretations of policies on topics such as, cleanup goals, groundwater use, point of compliance, source control, and completing groundwater remedies. The Handbook ties all the topics together with an overall Groundwater Protection and Cleanup Strategy that emphasizes a phased, results-based approach to cleaning up contaminated groundwater. Although the Handbook focuses on RCRA Corrective Action, the plain language of the policy descriptions, and the Internet links to over 50 more detailed resources will be helpful to anyone involved with groundwater protection and cleanup.

Environmental Indicator Forum 2000 Exit EPA
The purpose of the 2000 EI Forum was to bring together public and private stakeholders to hear presentations and discuss issues associated with achieving two environmental indicators (EIs)—Current Human Exposures Under Control and Migration of Contaminated Groundwater Under Control—at facilities subject to RCRA Corrective Action. EPA is using these EIs to track progress for RCRA Corrective Action in response to the Government Performance and Results Act.

Environmental Management Systems

Introduction to Environmental Management Systems Training
Provides an overview of environmental management systems (EMS) and how EMS can support environmental improvements at facilities that are subject to environmental regulations. It also presents information regarding EPA’s involvement in supporting EMS efforts at facilities regulated under a number of environmental statutes, including RCRA.

E-Waste Presentations
Groundwater Characterization and Cleanup

Facilitating Reuse at RCRA Sites: Innovative Technologies for Groundwater Characterization & Cleanup Exit EPA
First presented in December 2003, this seminar was presented by staff from EPA’s Office of Brownfields Cleanup and Redevelopment and the Office of Solid Waste, OSW (renamed Office of Resource Conservation and Recovery, ORCR, on January 18, 2009). Topics include passive diffusion bag samplers, deployed membrane interface probes, and in situ thermal treatment. It is intended for federal and state regulators and the regulated community.

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Land Revitalization

Implementing the RCRA Land Revitalization Measures Exit EPA
First presented on November 6, 2007, this seminar is directed at EPA and State RCRA Program Staff. It focuses on approaches to implementing the RCRA Land Revitalization Indicators and Performance Measures. A summary of the February 2007 guidance on implementing land revitalization performance measures is provided, followed by a discussion from EPA regional staff on the approaches they used in collecting information and implementing the measures and their experiences.

Land Disposal Restrictions

Land Disposal Restrictions (LDR) Training Exit EPA
Sponsored by the Association of State and Territorial Solid Waste Management Officials, this seminar was last presented in July 2006. Intended for state hazardous waste officials, topics include discussions on the federal LDR regulations, how to apply them and how they are applied in real life, since states may have more restrictive regulations or interpret them differently.

Subpart X

Subpart X (Miscellaneous Units) Exit EPA
US EPA Region 4 (Atlanta, GA) RCRA Programs Branch developed this training in 2002 by to assist federal and state regulators in the understanding and implementation of Subpart X (Miscellaneous Units).

RCRA Organic Air Emission Standards (Subparts AA, BB and CC) Exit EPA
US EPA Region 4 (Atlanta, GA) RCRA Programs Branch developed this training in 2002 to assist federal and state regulators in the understanding and implementation of the RCRA Organic Air Emission Standards.

Sustainable Materials Management Web Academy

EPA is hosting the Sustainable Materials Management (SMM) Web Academy to provide a monthly training and a networking opportunity to state and local governments, non-governmental organizations, and other stakeholders about the issues, projects, and practices for creating successful waste management programs. Learn about key issues, successful projects, and a variety of best management practices for creating stellar waste management programs. Hear from experts around the country on what works and what doesn’t, and how to make your program more successful. The 1-1/2 hour programs will be held the third Thursday of each month 1:00 - 2:30 pm Eastern Time (12:00 Central, 11:00 Mountain, 10:00 Pacific).

Environmental Justice and RCRA Permitting

Incorporating Environmental Justice Considerations into RCRA Permitting Exit EPA
Reviews the framework methodology first introduced in the Introduction to Environmental Justice web-based training course. It details how permitting authorities can combine this framework with Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) authorities to incorporate considerations of Environmental Justice into each step of the RCRA permit process. The course presents a sample permit process and describes tools that authorities can use to conduct an Environmental Justice assessment.

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Tips to reduce waste

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Tips to reduce waste
  • Use products made with recycled materials
  • Use energy-efficient light bulbs and rechargeable batteries
  • Shop with cloth bags
  • Reuse plastic bags, cups, containers, etc.
  • Repair items instead of throwing them away.
  • Compost your food and yard waste.

Learn more about reducing, reusing, and recycling.

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