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Hazardous Waste Generators

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Hazardous Waste Generated at Laboratories

A hazardous waste generator is any person or site whose processes and actions create hazardous waste (see 40 CFR 260.10). Generators are divided into three categories based upon the quantity of waste they produce:

  1. Large Quantity Generators (LQGs) generate 1,000 kilograms per month or more of hazardous waste, more than 1 kilogram per month of acutely hazardous waste, or more than 100 kilograms per month of acute spill residue or soil.
  2. Small Quantity Generators (SQGs) generate more than 100 kilograms, but less than 1,000 kilograms, of hazardous waste per month.
  3. Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Generators (CESQGs) generate 100 kilograms or less per month of hazardous waste, or 1 kilogram or less per month of acutely hazardous waste, or less than 100 kilograms per month of acute spill residue or soil.

Each class of generator must comply with its own set of requirements. For more information these requirements, please see the Generator Summary Chart. Additionally, most states are authorized to implement the RCRA program. States can be authorized for categories of hazardous waste generators that are different than the federal categories. Please see the State Differences in Hazardous Waste Generation Quantity Map.

Resources on Generator Regulatory Requirements

Notification of RCRA Subtitle C Activity- Instructions and Form (Form 8700-12) (PDF) (52 pp, 508K, About PDF)
Notification that a facility is generating hazardous waste is required for both SQGs and LQGs.  Some States also have additional requirements.

Hazardous Waste Manifest System
This Web site details the forms, reports, and procedures designed to seamlessly track hazardous waste from the time it leaves the generator facility where it was produced, until it reaches the off-site waste management facility that will store, treat, or dispose of the hazardous waste.

For more information, see resources for generators.

Laws and Regulations for Generators

Standards Applicable to Generators of Hazardous Waste (40 CFR 262)
These regulations apply to all generators of hazardous waste. They include the requirements for how generators can accumulate Hazardous Waste and manage it.

Academic Laboratories Rulemaking
This final rule applies to laboratories at eligible academic entities that are LQGs, SQGs, and CESQGs.

Regulations Applicable to Generators of Pharmaceutical Hazardous Waste

When pharmaceuticals are disposed, some of them are hazardous waste. Healthcare facilities such as pharmacies and hospitals and retail stores with pharmacies that dispose of hazardous waste pharmaceuticals may be regulated hazardous waste generators. Please visit Management of Hazardous Waste Pharmaceuticals for additional information.

For more information, see 40 CFR 262 or review a list of generator guidance documents and resources.

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