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Sample Permits (also includes a model permit)

RCRA Training Module - "Introduction to Permits and Interim Status" (PDF) (25 pp, 63 K, About PDF)

Subpart X (Miscellaneous Units)


The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) hazardous waste permitting program helps ensure the safe treatment, storage, and disposal of hazardous wastes by establishing specific requirements that must be followed when managing those wastes. Permits for the treatment, storage, or disposal of hazardous wastes are issued by Authorized States or by EPA Regional Offices.

40 CFR Parts 260-265 and 266-270 contain regulations related to RCRA Permitting. Specifically, parts 264 and 270 specify what a permit must contain. More information...


E-permitting is electronic permitting. We plan to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the RCRA permitting program by assisting states that are investing in e-permitting systems, working with states to pilot RCRA e-permitting approaches, developing RCRA e-permitting tools, and facilitating the sharing of permit information with the public.

Recordkeeping and Reporting
To keep track of hazardous waste activities, TSDF owners and operators must keep certain records and submit reports to EPA at regular intervals. Recordkeeping and reporting requirements are found at 40 CFR Part 264 Subpart E (for permitted facilities) and 40 CFR Part 265 Subpart E (for interim status facilities), and include the following:

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