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Non-hazardous Waste Regulations

RCRA Docket

The RCRA docket provides users with all the materials critical to each stage in the development of a rule, such as Federal Register notices and technical documents. Regulations.gov – the government-wide centralized docket management system – allows users to search the Agency’s rulemaking dockets online, view the indices, and access those materials that are available online. Users may also submit comments online when a docket is open for public comment.

RCRA provides, in broad terms, the general guidelines for the waste management program envisioned by Congress. It includes a Congressional mandate directing EPA to develop a comprehensive set of regulations to implement the law. These regulations, or rulemakings, issued by EPA, translate the general mandate of the law into a set of requirements for the Agency and the regulated community.

When a regulation is formally proposed, it is published in the Federal Register to notify the public of EPA’s intent to create new regulations or modify existing ones. EPA provides the public, including the potentially regulated community, with an opportunity to submit comments. Following an established comment period, EPA may revise the proposed rule based on both internal review and public comments. All final rules are compiled annually and incorporated into the Code of Federal Regulations.

The RCRA regulations are contained in Title 40 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Parts 239 through 282. The CFR is a collection of all federal regulations codified and enforced by all federal agencies. Title 40 – Protection of the Environment contains all of the regulations governing EPA’s programs.

40 CFR Parts 239 through 259 contain the regulations for solid waste, while Parts 260 through 279 contain the hazardous waste regulations. The requirements for underground storage tanks, which are also regulated under RCRA, are located in 40 CFR Part 280. A list of all solid waste regulations with links to the regulatory text is provided below:

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