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WaterSense: Meets EPA Critera WaterSense Seal An EPA Partnership Program

Technical & Outreach Webinars

In 2014, WaterSense recorded a series of technical and outreach webinars as part of the H2Otel Challenge. In February, April, and June 2015, WaterSense is hosting welcome webinars for hotels new to the Challenge, and beginning in June 2015, WaterSense will host additional webinars to help hotels assess, change, and track their water use. Sign up for the H2Otel Challenge so we can contact you when new webinar registration links are available.

Please register now for our upcoming live webinars or view all of our recorded webinars from the 2014 H2Otel Challenge webinar series using the links below.

2014 H2Otel Challenge Webinar Series

WaterSense H2Otel Challenge 2014 Highlights and 2015 Preview Exit EPA Disclaimer

Learn about WaterSense's H2Otel Challenge plans for 2015 and hear firsthand about the Recruiting Rally, which will be held February 1 to June 1, 2015, to incentivize WaterSense promotional partners (i.e., utilities, state/local governments, trade associations, or nonprofits) to recruit hotels to join the Challenge. This webinar also features highlights from 2014, including how many hotels signed up for the Challenge, the top 10 water efficiency opportunities for hotels, and an overview of the tools WaterSense created to help hotels save water.

Assess, Track, and Realize Payback Exit EPA Disclaimer

Learn the seven steps to water management planning: making a commitment; assessing facility water use; setting goals; creating and implementing an action plan; evaluating progress; and recognizing achievements. Rob Morris from Caesars Entertainment describes how assessing water use and implementing projects have saved water and operating costs.

  • Guest Speaker: Rob Morris, Corporate Manager, Utilities & Engineering, Caesars Entertainment Corporation

Demonstrating WaterSense's WaterUSE Tool Exit EPA Disclaimer

Learn how to use WaterSense's Water Use and Savings Evaluation (WaterUSE) Tool and associated Water Assessment Worksheets, which were designed to help hotel operators and facility managers identify and prioritize cost–effective water efficiency projects and best management practices to reduce water and energy use and save money. The webinar also features a discussion about the water use tracking capabilities of ENERGY STAR®'s Portfolio Manager® tool.

Washing 101: A Plumbing and Laundry Efficiency Primer Exit EPA Disclaimer

Learn operations and maintenance tips, retrofit options, and replacements that can help reduce water use in restrooms, guest rooms, and laundries. Brandon Leister from San Antonio Water System discusses plumbing and laundry projects completed at three local hotels as part of its WaterSaver Hotel program.

  • Guest Speaker: Brandon Leister, Conservation Planner, San Antonio Water System

Make a Splash With Outdoor Water Savings Exit EPA Disclaimer

Learn how to design and maintain hotel landscapes to reduce water use and how to manage pools to reduce water loss from evaporation, filter cleaning, mineral buildup, leaks, and splashing. Richard Restuccia from ValleyCrest Companies, Inc. presents a case study on landscape and irrigation improvements at the Resort at Pelican Hill in Newport Beach, California, to illustrate how making changes outdoors can result in significant hotel water savings.

  • Guest Speaker: Richard Restuccia, Director of Water Management Solutions, ValleyCrest Companies, Inc.

Minimize Water Use in Mechanical/HVAC Systems Exit EPA Disclaimer

Learn how to use water efficiently in cooling towers and steam boilers, optimize chilled water systems, and address equipment that is using single–pass cooling water. Randy Childers from Hyatt Regency Atlanta discusses how his hotel increased its cooling tower cycles of concentration, began using air handler condensate as make–up water, replaced water–cooled equipment with air–cooled models, and implemented other best practices in its mechanical systems.

  • Guest Speaker: Randy Childers, Senior Director of Engineering, Hyatt Regency Atlanta

What's Cooking: Commercial Kitchen Savings Exit EPA Disclaimer

Learn how to identify water–savings potential for commercial kitchen equipment, including dishwashers, ice machines, pre–rinse spray valves, food disposals, and steam cooking equipment. WaterSense discusses operations and maintenance techniques, retrofit options, and replacement options for each equipment type. Ray Dennis from Lair Marketplace at Loyola Marymount University describes the water and energy savings initiatives implemented in his establishment.

  • Guest Speakers: Ray Dennis, Associate Vice President Auxiliary Management/Business Services, Loyola Marymount University

Let's Talk About Education and Outreach Exit EPA Disclaimer

This training reminds you how important it is to educate employees, guests, and management about your water-saving efforts, from reporting leaks to changing wasteful practices. WaterSense addresses some of the best management practices hotels have used for education and outreach including educating employees to make changes in daily operations, communicating with guests, and making the most out of signage. Dr. Wesley Schultz from California State University, San Marcos, summarizes his work on social norms and the potential for behavioral changes among hotel guests, and Alec Bartolai from Kalaloch Lodge in Forks, Washington, presents an informative case study on education and outreach initiatives at his hotel.

  • Guest Speakers: Dr. Wesley Schultz, Professor of Psychology, California State University, San Marcos; and Alec Bartolai, Environmental, Health, Safety, and Interpretive Manager, Kalaloch Lodge